Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anne of Green Gables :)

The Anne of Green Gables Series is one of my most favorite movies. Anne reminds me a
lot of myself AT TIMES... Anne is very stubborn and I can be quite stubborn if I put my
mind to it. Anne is also very childlike in many ways and I am that way a lot too. She is also
very dramatic, girly and a romantic, just like me. Anne is adventurous and I absolutely enjoy
adventures if they aren't extremely dangerous. I love nature and it seemed she loved to be
outside too. One thing though that I find interesting is the fact that even though Gilbert
and Anne showed that they "hated" each other, they really didn't! I noticed when Gilbert
called her carrot head and was always mean to her, she always tried to change it so she
wouldn't be as "bad" as what Gilbert was saying about her-because she DID care down
deep inside. She acted like she didn't like him and I am sure at times they both thought that
about each other, but Anne was persistant, just like Gilbert throughout their whole life!
Anne would run from people and things and they always seemed to be chasing her, Anne
would keep pursuing her dreams even if others didn't like it or agree to it. She had some
good and bad qualities like all of us, but I enjoy watching or reading the books about her life.
I feel like I can have that restlessness at times or be persistant when in my heart I REALLY
want or desire to do something. Although that can be good and bad depending on what it is.
Anne is a character, full of spirit and passion and that is what I like most about her. Anne is
unique and she always dreamed adn kept dreaming! I am much like that myself actually as

Anne had some bad character qualities like being rude and mean when she was younger. She
was not very considerate of others' feeling's or thoughts as a child too. There are many others
as well, but I can see how I have many, terrible faults in my life like, I am bossy, too passionate,
not quiet as much as I would like to be, I'm dramatic and emotional and can be too sensitive
a lot of times. I am not very patient and I worry a lot. The list could go on for myself!!! I want
and pray that God will help me grow in my strengths and be strong in my weaknesses. I want
to get better at so many things, some things just take time, like character traits and friendships
and love and mercy and kindness and habits! A lot of things take patience...

If there is one thing I need more of it is patience! Some of the things that I have listed can be
good when used properly and others are not good at all. I need to grow in the Fruits of the
Spirit and grow in character to be all that God wants and desires me to be. I need to let Him
bring out the character in me, I don't need to do it myself, because when I try to do it myself,
I fail miserably and in the end cry out for God's help! Why not start out with crying out for
God's help and then let Him work it in and through my life!?

All in all, I have a LOT to grow and learn in! I want to grow and learn all that I can! Anne of
Green Gables is a great series though. I like the movies and the books a lot!!!

"Teach me Your Ways Oh Lord, so that I may walk in Your truth..."

Help me to live Free, Bold and Brave Jesus!


  1. Great post, Traci! Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorites too. :)

  2. Thanks Dear Friend! I always enjoy your comments! ;) You're so encouraging to me! Thank you!