My Letter

Dear God,

I praise You for being so wonderful to me. I wish there were words to
show my gratitude to You. You have done so many marvelous things
in my life, I don't know where I would be without You! I wish I could
see You right now. I wish I could sit with You and here Your voice
with my ears. God I want to be with You more than anything. I desire
my life to reflect You in all that I do. God, I don't want to be an "average"
girl. I want to be one like the amazing many women of the Bible, like Mary,
Esther, Ruth, Deborah, and all of the amazing women of the Bible.

God, I know You have far greater understanding and wisdom than me
and I know and realize I have many issues, one of which is worry. I
worry too much God. Please take this worry and fear away from my
life. God help me to be able to trust You with my life more every moment.
God, my life is in Your hands. I am not mine any more. Lord please take
all of me. I thank You for the price that You paid on the Cross. God
I know that I am small. Lord, please help me to be like David was in the
Bible. How he fought against Goliath. Though he was small, Lord, You
were there with him. You helped Him win, You fought the battle for
Him. Thank You for teaching me truth and righteousness. Thank You
for encouraging me through Your word and through the amazing friends
You have given to me.

Thank You for using my journals and my life to help those who need and
desire You. Just like Rachel Joy Scott chose to write her life, so I choose
to write mine. God please live through me. Take selfishness away. I
don't want to be full of me God, but I want to be full of You!

I love You Father, take me away into Your presence....I live for You!