More About Me!

* I am a MAJOR girly-girl!

* I am adopted along with my 3 other siblings!

* I love being outside in God's wonderful, glorious creation!

* I love to write-I have 30+ journals/diaries

* I hate snakes and spiders!

* I LOVE horses!!!!!!!

* I am a twin to a boy who is joining the Army

* I really really like bright colors!

* I enjoy talking to people

* One of my favorite heroes is: Rachel Joy Scott!

* I am terrible at sports but I enjoy watching them and having friends who are good
   at them!

* I absolutely LOVE children!

* I really like Britt Nicole's songs.

* I want to become a "Proverbs 31" woman!~

* I really really really really like Pride and Prejudice and the Love Come's Softly
   Series and a LOT of chick-flicks!

* I am look forward to my future everyday...

* I love surprises!

* I miss a lot of my many dearest friends when we can't or don't see each other...:(

* I very much enjoy learning.

* I love to read!

* I am a DEFINATE romantic!

* I really like quotes!

* I want to become a wife and a mother someday and have a wonderful marriage!

* I hope to go to a few other countries before I die if that is God's will.

* I enjoy much Christian and Inspirational and Classical music!

* Above everything I am passionately abandended and set apart to my Savior Jesus
   Christ and want to fall more in love with Him every day!

-I will add more as I think of them! Thanks for reading and learning more about me!-