A special letter

This is a letter I wrote to my future husband who is out there somewhere
waiting for me. This subject to me is very important. Purity and holiness
are two extremely, very important subjects in my life. I hope as you read
this letter that you are encouraged and inspired to present your life to
God and your future spouse the way that is right and honorable. That
you would be encouraged to live a life that God would smile upon.
I'm not "perfect" in this area by no means, but it is my passion and
I have studied a lot on this subject and I hope to help other people as
they are hoping for their future spouse to come into their life someday.
I also want you to know that God is a big part of they whole letter.
Jesus is my whole purpose in life, no one or nothing else. Just I hope
you can be encouraged and learn something new by reading this letter!

      I want to start out this letter by telling you how much I think 
      about you and how I wish you were here with me. I think of 
     you so often. I wonder when will I meet you? When will I know
     it's you? There are so many things I wish I could tell you. I just
     wish we could be together! I love you soooo much. That may 
     seem silly to people, or maybe even you right now, but I really,
     really do! I know your out there somewhere in this big world.
     I pray for you often and often dream of our future together.
     Just to look into your gentle eyes and hold your firm, yet gentle
    hands in mine is one of my biggest dreams right now, but will one
     day become reality. I love you Sweetheart. Sometimes at night
     before I go to sleep, I stare out, up at the stars and think of you
     and our future together. I say a prayer for you and at times even
     cry for you...praying that you are safe in God's hands. This world 
    is big and is scary at times and I want you safe, right in God's hands.
    I pray that you are guarding your heart and your mind, will, emotions,
    and just all of you is waiting for me! I want you to know that I am
    waiting for you. Sometimes it's hard, but I am waiting for you and
    won't stop. Even after we are married I will be faithful to you.
    I want our marriage to be a treasure and a jewel. God's timing 
    is ALWAYS perfect. 
    I love you more than you'll ever know. I know you will be a strong,
    godly man, who loves the Lord and is so perfectly right for me. You
   are brave and wonderful. I just pray you'll know it's me...when everything
   is right. That God will open your eyes to see the inside of me-my heart,
   that it would be the unfading beauty that God talks about in His word.
   that would most attract us together, because that beauty will last forever,
   and won't fade. Wait for me as I wait for you!

   All My Love,

   p.s. Your VERY Special!