My Family!

My Family together, besides Amanda because she was in an internship in another state when we had this taken. But this is the most recent:

Father who is an attorney/lawyer and My Mother who is a PT and the best mom in the world:

My Sister-Amanda who is in film making:

Trevor (my twin), who is now serving our country in the Army:

Me (who is in the process of writing a book to publish it and going into Early Childhood Education:

Chris who is really into Airsoft wars:

Troy (and me, lol) who really enjoys God's creation. He really likes to go camping, etc...outdoors man, lol:


(can't find a recent picture of him, but he likes to play airsoft too and he enjoys working outside in the yard.)

Jordan, John and Joel (Jordan loves to learn A LOT, John is taking gymnastics and Joel is just plain CUTE!!!):
                        That's 9 children! 7 Boys and 2 Girls! :) It really doesn't feel that big to me!

              This is Tyler (below), My sister's boyfriend, who also works in media production in movies. He does the lighting of movies and my sister does the photography! :)