Sunday, July 17, 2016

Update 7.17.16

Hi There! Traci again! Sorry I haven't posted anything in a LONG time...again! lol

A LOT has been happening! So, here's an update!

1) My boyfriend Christopher and I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary of being together on July 1 this year! I couldn't be happier! I am so in love with him and can't imagine life without him! He's the absolute best!

2) My Cleaning business: Shine On A Dime is booming! It's doing great! I have been adding businesses and homes all over SI!

3) I am going on a cruise to Cancun!

4) I've been running and getting in shape...almost every day! ;)

5) I got a new car-a Ford Fiesta 2015!

6) I feel great! I'm happy and life is good..even when days and weeks, even months are hard, life is still GREAT! Things could always be worse and I'm thankful for ALL of the blessings God has given me. I look forward to the future and all that is in store! <3

If you have any questions or want me to write about a specific topic, be sure to let me know! :) And I think there is a possibility I might be creating a new blog soon! I will tell you more details as soon as I know! :)

Me and my handsome Farmer whom I love with all my heart!

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