*My Testimony*

How can one truly give a life story? It's hard to without writing a book or something!
I will try to give the gist of what my life story is though. Also, to preserve the privacy
of the names in my story, I will change them.

I was born on January, 12, to my mother Carol. She had already had
3 children before me and my twin brother and my younger brother were born,
they are: Marin, Henry and Michelle. She was now going to give birth to my
brother and me. I was supposed to come out first, but he kicked me out of the
way. My father was not married to my mother and my mother was only married
once before she had me and has never married since. The children in our family
grew up in church, but my parents never went unless it was a special occasion.
My mother's boyfriend's were abusive to almost all of my siblings. For years I
dealt with it and prayed for God to take the "bad men" out of my life. I never
saw any results until I turned 7 years old.

I went into 5 different foster homes for 7 years, but on the 5th foster home I was
brought into a wonderful church that loved me and cared about me and my future.
There at this church I met my future parents and at the time they had 3 children of
their own. I didn't know for a year and a half that they were even considering us
to be their own. I never thought about being adopted until I was asked by my
fantastic foster parent Jamie if we wanted to be adopted. I did want to be, but
didn't want to be taken away from my biological family. When I was 6 (I believe),
I had prayed when I was about to jump out of a window that God would take
my pain away and take away these "bad men" in my life. I was abused by my own
family members too, not only my Mom's boyfriends. I just didn't want to hurt
any more.

I did not realize until I was getting adopted into this wonderful home that God had
answered my prayer in an unlikely way! Thankfully I can still write my biological
family! :) God has been so good to me since. My Dad is a great Dad and my Mom
is a great Mom! I couldn't ask for anything more! I have great friends that will always
love God and love me! I have much to be thankful for! There are so many little details
in between this story if ya know what I mean, sorry that I couldn't write more!

I hope to one day write a book about my life story! I really believe my testimony
can help girls who have gone through similar things that I have gone through. Feel free
to take part in my journey as you follow the life a young woman who is sold out
completely to Jesus!

Smile and I hope this blessed your heart! Feel free to comment on any of my pages
on my main blog page! :) You are welcome to follow me as well! :)