Sunday, August 12, 2012


Girls, sometimes we forget these things, but the truth is...true beauty comes from within. God sees us without makeup and He sees us the way we are-our good and bad, all of it, yet He still loves us and calls us beautiful! Don't try to be like what the media says, instead be who God says you are! I am learning this as well! Be who God made you to be! You are beautiful and you don't have to show it off so others will see it! The right guy will come along and He will see YOU! When you dress immodestly, you are asking for heartbreak and your breaking the guys' hearts as well. We need to help them guard their eyes and thoughts! You only have one man just like all the men only have one woman for why lure other women's future husbands to you? Don't you want to help men and women to remain faithful for each other! You're beautiful and if You (and I) believe it more, then we won't be insecure and feel non-beautiful! YOU ARE GORGEOUS! :) TRUST ME! God doesn't make junk and trash...on the other hand if we don't take care of ourselves, then that means that if we start looking less beautiful because of what we have done to our bodies, it's not God's fault, but our own. So we must believe the truth that we are beautiful and not dress immodestly and take care of our bodies!!! You are loved! Believe it!!! :)

Hope you are encouraged! :)

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