Monday, June 24, 2013


Your heart is racing, your whole body is sweating and it's become more and more difficult to breathe. You can't escape, but you're trying to figure out how. He's running after keep running for your life, but you feel out of breath soon! What are you going to do?? You're mind is trying to gather information on how to handle this situation but there seems to be no way out, you're stuck. Finally since there is no solution, you wake up! was JUST a dream!

Dreams can be very interesting...just recently I've been having a few nightmares and they seemed so real. It was like I couldn't escape and I was stuck. One dream was about terrorists and the one I had last night was about tornado's coming through. Both dreams I was scared and couldn't escape the situation. I was SO grateful when I woke up and realized that it was JUST a dream. Dreams can often times seem SO real. For one of my dreams I had, I woke up with my head buried underneath the covers, heart bounding and my body perspiring. Sometimes we think that dreams are our fault and we did something to get them, etc...but we didn't and that's sometimes hard to remember when you're coming out of a dream or just woke up from one! For one, it's NOT reality, and it's dreams. Dreams can come from thoughts and feelings that you've had throughout the day and it can also be spiritual-God can speak through dreams and the Devil can also give you nightmares that are NOT of God, JUST to make you scared...When I wake up from dreams I like to pray about them, no matter what they are. If it's a nightmare I ask God to help me work through it and to realize it was JUST a dream and I tell the Devil to stop and leave me alone. If it's a crazy dream I just laugh and if it's a dream I believe is from God I pray about it and that God would show me what He is trying to speak to me about.

I encourage you that when you start to have good or bad dreams to 1) Realize it's NOT YOUR FAULT. 2) Pray about it that God would help you through it 3) Go on about your day and realize that dreams are dreams-if their from God, He will show you, otherwise we can just move on and pray that God would help us with that.

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