Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I've had several dreams of mine for awhile that I guess I've just been ignoring and never truly pursued. I am still praying through some things at this point, but I am starting to think God has placed these desires here in my heart and it's for a reason and a purpose! They haven't gone away since I was a little girl-I still have them to this day! I've always prayed that God would give me His desires in my heart and I really think I should try pursuing some of them now (if God supplies a way-which I am praying His will and if this is Him then I believe He will)! I hope to do very well and get my Early Childhood Education Degree, I want to try to get violin lessons, I would love to write a book someday and become an author. I am also considering going on to get my Sign Language Interpreter Degree! If God wants me to then that's what I will do! I have had all of these desires since I was probably 5 or 6 years old. I really believe they are from God and I have been seeking Him and praying for direction and I really believe that this is probably where He is leading me. If it is, then I know God will make a way-financially, emotionally and in any way that I need!  He is SO faithful and has been supplying EVERY need of mine since I was born-literally! I hope all of these dreams and desires come true if they're from Jesus and I really think God has something in store for my future! I can't wait to find out what it is! I am excited for no matter how great or small it might be! :) Please pray for guidance and direction and finances to fall into place so I can do everything Jesus has called me to do! :) I appreciate the prayers!

Daughter of My Heavenly Father's Heart,


Have Your way in my life Jesus! :)

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