Monday, June 3, 2013

My Hero, My Inspiration!

Rachel Joy Scott..Just hearing her story, saying her name or thinking about her inspires me! When her book came out "Rachel's Tears" I got it and I read it. It was one of the most amazing, inspirational stories I have ever read in my entire life. Her passion and love for Jesus is AMAZING! I want to be like her in SO SO many ways! She loved Jesus and she made Him known. There are so many things about Rachel that I wish I could be like. I just wish I could have met her-to be her friend. As I read her story I asked that God would make me like Rachel..I prayed that I would be like her and shine Jesus like her. I often still do pray that my life would be a reflection of Jesus. She is part of the biggest reasons I have 30+ journals and the reason I was inspired to do what I do and who I am. When she died I was 6 years old and I remember that day so well-the day she was martyred for believing in Jesus. I even remember the news stories and going to Acquire the Fire YEARS later and her story was still being told! I want to be like Rachel. Her life was truly a light and I want Jesus to do that in me.

God made me and God made Rachel. I am happy that God made me who I am and He made Rachel who she is. I think though, that God placed Rachel's story in my life to help encourage me in my walk with Jesus. Every year (several times a year) I read Rachel's story and I think about who she was and what she did and what her dreams were. I just hope that someday I can meet her in Heaven and tell her how inspiring she was to me. Sometimes as I think about her story I just cry because of the HUGE impact she has had on my life and her life and death were HUGE in people's lives. She not only inspired my life, but I know MANY other people's lives!

Jesus make me who you want me to be! Let me love you like Rachel did and even more than she did! God let me be who you want me to be and you get all the glory and honor in my life! Use it any way you wish! I am YOURS forever!

"I will NOT be labeled as average."

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