Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BIG Family!?

I come from a family with 9 children-7 boys and 2 girls and my Momma and Daddyo! I desire to have a big family of my own one day-after I'm married of course (and if that's in God's plans and my future husband wants that too)! I'm also adopted and would love to adopt children too, only if God has those plans for my life! It's really a lot of fun having a big family! You ALWAYS have someone to talk to or to spend time with and when you're little there is ALWAYS someone you can play with! It's also nice that I have 7 brothers! I know it's crazy but I am SO happy God gave me 7 brothers instead of 7 sisters! God knew what He was doing. I have a desire to have a big family, but I know God knows what's best and has wonderful plans for my life. If God only wanted me to have 3 kids I would be happy! Either way I LOVE children and big families! It's beautiful! :)

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