Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Falling in Love

Have you ever fell in love before? It's amazing, right? You see an imperfect person as loved and cherished and you care for them. Love is CRAZY really. Love literally changes your life, whether you are the one loving someone or the one being loved by someone-love changes us!

Just recently I fell in love. My whole life changed and has continually changed since the moment I met the one I love. I started thinking about the one I love ALL the time! I started desiring to be with the one I love ALL the time. I longed to be there in the arms of the one I love and know that I am loved back-no matter what. There's nothing quite like it really! It's truly the greatest feeling and knowing in the whole world! To walk with the one I love, to talk with the one I love and to just know that no matter what-the one I love is never leaving, but staying faithful to me even when I fail over and over again. No matter what, the one I love loves who I am! It's that unconditional love that changes us.

The world throws this fake version of love in our faces and tells us that love is "here today and gone tomorrow, so love while you can!" The truth is-love NEVER leaves and we don't have to be someone we are not to be loved by anyone. Love is given freely and love is not a "if you are____ (fill in the blank) then I will love you..." Love is a choice. Love is sacrificial, love is faithful, love overlooks a multitude of wrongs and forgives. Love never fades, love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy, does not boast, is not self-seeking, love rejoices with the truth, love preservers. Love is so many things all in one! When you truly experience love yourself, you never want to go back!

Another exciting part of being in love is writing love letters! I LOVE writing (even though I haven't been on here in a long time, I'm sorry), and I especially love writing love letters! Love letters are the best-you can read them any time you want to remind you of the love a person has for you! Love letters are sentimental (or should be I hope), love letters are a way to freely express yourself to the one you love. Writing gets all of your thoughts out on paper and helps you release your feelings and emotions.

Love has literally changed my life. God is love..and that's the love I'm referring to at this moment. God has changed my life. Everything I've written about love is the things God has let me grow in in my relationship with Him! I am more in love with Jesus than I've EVER been! Yes, I do love in this way on earth, but nothing compares to the love I've experienced with Jesus! He loves me so much and has not ever stopped pursuing me and showing me HIS love, not my version of the kind of love He has for me-but His true, genuine love-the love HE HAS FOR ME! He desires to romance me! He wants my WHOLE HEART and my WHOLE LIFE! Something God has shown me recently is that He is jealous for me, meaning that He wants my whole attention! He wants to grow me and love me and show me amazing things in my relationship with Him. I have failed Him over and over and over SO SO SO SO SO much, but GOD STILL LOVES ME!

It's so incredibly difficult to be not literally in the arms of Jesus..because that's where I want to be! I know one day soon I will be with the one I love and that will be a beautiful day!

It's hard to be away from the ones I love on this earth..and I hope one day I can be with the ones I love-if I never get to, I know that they know down deep inside their hearts that I love them! God is taking good care of His children and I trust Him with my heart and my life! It's a growing process of trusting in God every day because it's hard to trust that He holds the future when I can't see it clearly.

I just want to encourage you to fall madly in love with your Father! God loves you tremendously and there's NOTHING YOU CAN EVER SAY OR DO or that ANYONE can EVER SAY OR DO to remove His never-ending, unconditional love for you! God loves you more than you love yourself or anyone else! I hope my love walk with Jesus just keeps growing!

Know that you are forgiven and loved and God is not mad at you at all! He has compassion on you and wants to hear EVERYTHING-the good, the bad and the ugly. He wants to talk to you about everything in your life. Read His love letter to you-The Bible and write love letters to Him! Go on walks with Jesus, sing to Him, talk to Him, listen to Him and never lose hope! Keep letting Him romance you and keep running to your Daddy God! He's got you! We are precious to Jesus. We are His. Don't stop! RUN AFTER GOD WITH ALL YOU HAVE AND ALL THAT IS INSIDE YOU. Know that HIS love compels you to Him, it is not of your own strength or ability that you can even love God outside of God because GOD IS LOVE!

I'm falling more in love with Jesus every day and I hope you are falling for Him too!


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