Friday, March 21, 2014


I haven't written on my blog in SO long! I apologize! Life is so busy sometimes, especially working 2 jobs and college and keepin up with life! There is so much I could say and write about so it is difficult to pick one thing to talk about. So, to start off I just want to encourage you in Jesus! God has been growing me a LOT recently and building my faith and love for Him. I have never experienced what I am experiencing in my walk with God right now! It's exciting and so wonderful to feel the freedom and love of the Father! We all go through life and we all have ups and downs and I get that! It's not by our own ability that we change and become like Jesus, but it's by our Heavenly Father's great love and power that changes us. He makes us who we are! He uses the things in our lives to build character and love for Him! Give everything over to Him-every fear, every worry, every single thing in your life over and let Him keep it and do with it whatever He wants! Let God make you into HIS beautiful masterpiece! :)

So, in saying that I want to encourage you to trust your Heavenly Father to love you no matter what, to speak to you and to grow you and make you who He wants you to be! Stay in the word of God and let it be like water that runs through you! Let it refresh you and nurture you! God's words are truth and they are freedom! God's words are powerful! God's words created the Heavens and the earth! God's words knit you together in your mothers womb! God's words spoke the whole earth into existence! God cares about you, every single detail of your life! He has a beautiful plan and purpose for you! I have faith that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion! Have faith even when you can't see what's ahead! Have faith in Jesus and God's words! He does not lie and He is FAITHFUL to the end! Rest in His love, bask in His presence and read His word, remember His promises and live out your faith! Keep running the race that is set before you! Don't give up and I'm praying for you!

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